Who We Are

The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association (MCMA) is Michigan’s leading cannabis industry association, representing nearly half of all multiple Class C cannabis licenses in Michigan.

Michigan can and should be a leader in cannabis safety, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Large quantities of untested, illicit cannabis continue to flood the market, posing a significant threat to patient and consumer safety. Cannabis products from the illicit market are not tested for safety, labeled, tracked or subject to state taxes. This massive illicit market threatens to destabilize the regulated market, putting jobs, businesses and opportunities at risk. We all have an interest in reining in Michigan’s illicit cannabis market to promote safety, transparency and accountability.

We are committed to:

Safety & Regulations

We are committed to customer and product safety, enforcement and an even playing field in a regulated cannabis marketplace.

High Standards

We support the highest testing standards to help ensure all Michiganders have access to safe, high-quality cannabis products. After all, that’s what Michiganders voted for.


Our members have invested nearly $1 billion in Michigan’s cannabis industry, hired thousands of employees, and laid the groundwork for a vibrant, regulated cannabis marketplace. We also support opportunities for new businesses to join the regulated marketplace.

Equality & Justice

We support social equity and social justice and call for clemency and expungement for all non-violent cannabis offenders.


Our members invest in technology, good-paying jobs and community revitalization. 

End Unsafe Cannabis

We support working together to end the avalanche of untested and potentially unsafe cannabis flooding the Michigan market.

Let’s work together to make Michigan a national leader in product safety and take our industry to the next level.