MCMA members are committed to consumer and product safety in a regulated cannabis marketplace.

Patient safety is our top priority.

Our customers literally ingest the products we grow and produce, and their health and safety are our highest priority.

MCMA members adhere to the highest standards and regulation to ensure the highest level of purity, safety and efficacy.

We are committed to:

Research & Testing

The members of MCMA partner with scientists and laboratories that use cutting- edge technology and equipment to test the plants and products we bring to patients and consumers.

Prevent Cannabis Use Among Children

MCMA members are committed to preventing children from accessing cannabis products. Too many young children are being accidentally poisoned by cannabis products with deceptive labeling aimed at appealing to kids. We support child-proof containers and regulations to ban packaging and marketing that appeals to kids.

High Standards

Alcohol and tobacco are highly regulated to prevent abuse and ensure our safety. We should be doing the same with cannabis by closing loopholes that some sellers use to evade regulations.

Michigan is poised to become a national leader in safe, high-quality cannabis.

That’s why the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association (MCMA) supports working together to end the avalanche of untested and potentially unsafe cannabis flooding the Michigan market.

We support a regulated cannabis marketplace that provides safe, tested and high-quality cannabis products for all Michiganders. However, large quantities of untested, illicit cannabis continue to flood the regulated market, posing a significant threat to patient and consumer safety. This massive illicit market also threatens to destabilize the regulated market, putting jobs, businesses and opportunities at risk.

We all have an interest in reining in Michigan’s illicit cannabis market to promote safety, transparency and accountability.


  • We believe all cannabis products need to be tested and clearly labeled to ensure safety because these products are often used by cancer patients and people with compromised immune systems.
  • We support testing for dangerous chemicals, pesticides and mold along with clear labeling so people know exactly what they’re getting.
  • We support banning deceptive labels that appeal to kids just like we have for tobacco and alcohol. We also support child-proof containers.
  • We support consumers buying marijuana products through licensed companies and businesses.
  • We support accessible and affordable licensing for everyone selling marijuana.
  • We believe that too many in the marijuana industry are avoiding paying their fair share of taxes and that needs to change so our schools, roads and bridges and public safety services get the support they deserve.
testing cannabis

Let’s work together to make Michigan a national leader in product safety and take our industry to the next level.