Doubling of adult-use cannabis tax disbursements demonstrates regulated market working

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association today reacted to the near doubling of adult-use excise tax revenue disbursements to local governments for the 2021 fiscal year, representing a significant influx of funds for police, fire and other services Michiganders rely on every day. The milestone highlights the need to pass the bipartisan Michigan Cannabis Safety Act to help ensure all cannabis in Michigan is tested, clearly labeled, tracked and licensed.

The $42 million in disbursements to 163 local and county governments with licensed adult-use cannabis businesses is based on more than $1.1 billion in recreational marijuana sales reported last fiscal year. The continued growth of adult-use sales in Michigan’s regulated market makes it more important than ever to help ensure all cannabis in Michigan is safe and tested, said Shelly Edgerton, Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association Chair.

“The significant increase in recreational sales across Michigan and resulting tax revenues to support our local communities shows the state’s regulated market is working and benefitting essential services we rely on every day,” Edgerton said. “Nearly two-thirds of all cannabis in Michigan is still not tested, licensed, tracked or labeled, posing an immediate health risk to consumers, according to a recent Anderson Economic Group study. The continued growth in adult-use sales makes it critical to pass the Michigan Cannabis Safety Act without delay.”

The Michigan Cannabis Safety Act, House Bills 5300-5302, 5319-5321 and 5562, helps ensure all cannabis in Michigan is tested, clearly labeled, tracked and licensed, keeps cannabis out of the hands of children, protects neighborhoods from large cannabis grows, and provides an affordable and fair pathway to enter the licensed cannabis marketplace.


The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association is an association of many of the state’s largest growers, processors, and vertically integrated cannabis licensees. All members of the MCMA must be licensed by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency.