Our Stand on Vaping Related Illnesses

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The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association is gravely concerned by the national outbreak of pulmonary-related illnesses associated with the use of vaporization products, including those that reportedly contained THC.

Based upon currently available information, it appears that most, if not all, reported cannabis-related cases concern the use of products sourced from the unregulated criminal market. This fact underscores the commitment to rigorous production, safety, and testing standards, and to ensuring that its members, and all other licensees in the Michigan cannabis industry, strictly adhere to all safety-related regulations and testing obligations.

Without question, processed cannabis goods are new additions to legal markets throughout the country. As those markets continues to dedicate scientific resources and commercial ingenuity towards the processes utilized to develop vaporization products, it is imperative that regulatory and safety-related check-and-balances keep pace with manufacturing advancements. As such, MCMA is committed to maintaining direct lines of communication with the Legislature, the Governor, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, law enforcement, and health agencies in order to find an immediate solution to the current health crises and, to ensuring that nothing similar ever occurs in the future.

While this important work is underway, the MCMA implores all consumers to avoid purchasing vape pens and/or oil from illegal sources that do not adhere to strict manufacturing and product safety standards. In that regard, the members of the MCMA promise that all products manufactured or sold by their facilities are free of any additives, cutting agents or other substances not know to be safe in light of currently available information.