MCMA announces plan to boost entrepreneurship in adult-use cannabis market


The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association today announced a plan to boost entrepreneurship in Michigan’s adult-use cannabis market for applicants disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition and enforcement and calls on the Marijuana Regulatory Agency to act on the recommendation. The plan would make current Social Equity designees eligible for adult-use-only marijuana licenses a year early.

“Our plan will help reduce legal hurdles for local entrepreneurs from communities disproportionately impacted by outdated marijuana laws looking to participate in Michigan’s regulated cannabis market,” said Steve Linder, Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association executive director. “If enacted, our plan will spur new businesses, economic growth and job creation and contribute to a regulated cannabis market that ensures safe, tested and high-quality cannabis products for all Michiganders.”

Under Michigan law, there is a two-year moratorium on most adult-use-only licenses from Dec. 6, 2019, when the state started licensing adult-use businesses. Under the MCMA’s plan, Social Equity designees would be eligible sometime by the first of 2021 for adult-use-only licenses. The two-year moratorium for adult-use-only licenses would continue until December 2021 for Non-Social Equity applicants. (The MRA has it within their authority to move the date as a step in complying with the Social Equity mandate under MRTMA.)

The plan also calls on local units of government to “opt-in” to allow applicants for Social Equity status to create new adult-use marijuana businesses in their communities.

“As a Metro Detroit business owner, I’ve seen disadvantaged communities like ours fall behind in establishing businesses in Michigan’s regulated cannabis market,” said Bernard Moner, president of Black Swan Defense and Intelligence, a minority owned business providing application vetting, security plans and security technology for those seeking cannabis licenses from the Marijuana Regulatory Agency and local units of government. “This plan gives local entrepreneurs a much-needed leg up to participate in Michigan’s cannabis industry and contribute to their local economy.”

“The MCMA plan would level the playing field for people in my district who have aspirations of starting businesses in this growing industry but who have hit government-created roadblocks getting their foot in the door,” said state Rep. Matt Hall, R-Marshall. “I look forward to working with the MCMA and stakeholders at the state and local levels to put this plan into motion.”